Why is it important as a real estate service provider to be a member of the Real Estate Association IVD?

Real estate service providers who are allowed to be the IVD member of the IVD brand stand out positively from their competitors. According to a representative Emnid survey, more than three-quarters of all consumers see membership in a professional association as a trademark for brokers, administrators and experts, and thus as an indicator and guarantee for the quality of real estate services.

In a comparatively intransparent market, for example, the IVD trademark becomes a guide, which leads the consumer to a qualified and reputable broker, administrator or expert.

Admission to the Real Estate Association IVD takes place after completion of an entrance examination and proof of the conclusion of a professional liability insurance. Thus, the IVD meets its role as guardian of the interests of the consumer against the members. The public honors these prerequisites for admission with a high level of confidence in the activities of IVD affiliates. The IVD supplements this important insurance cover with a trust insurance policy, which the Federal Association has concluded for all members of the association. The Ombudsman Office Real Estate in the IVD is another important building block for active consumer protection of the IVD and the improved reputation of the services of the IVD members in the public.

All IVD members receive a certificate from the association in which the fulfillment of the varied requirements of the IVD is confirmed to their members.

The most important admission requirements for membership in the IVD

  • Conclusion of a property damage insurance
  • Proof of the subject and specialist (by means of training or examination)
  • Information on the company in accordance with the application
  • In some regional associations references
  • Usually entertainment of a full-time business in the real estate business

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